Fraud and Scams


Fraudsters and scammers who persuade innocent individuals to give away their money, possessions or personal details are a sad fact of life – who are becoming increasingly active during the current Coronavirus pandemic. 

A total of £5.1m worth of losses to fraud have been reported across the UK since February, according to ActionFraud More than 11,000 coronavirus-themed scams have been brought to them since the start of the lockdown, with the most common identified as including a pension-related scam.

Any of us can fall for a scam, so it is important to be careful and mindful of the approaches used by fraudsters – they may be sophisticated or simple – but unfortunately too many people get taken in by them.

Watch out for anything that doesn’t look or feel right:

  • strangers, calling at your door, selling non-existent or poor-quality goods or services;
  • random telephone or other callers, asking for your personal details – and perhaps saying they are from the Police, your Bank or the Tax Office;
  • unknown callers, internet ads, emails or letters in the post, asking you to invest your money in “get rich quick” or other schemes offering high returns or perhaps cash incentives; and
  • internet fraud is a major source of potential fraud: take care who you befriend online – and if a new friend asks for money, however believable or sad their ‘story may sound, drop out quickly – or at least talk it through with someone you trust before you do anything.

Don’t be fearful – just be careful and aware of the tactics that scammers use and protect yourself.

If you are or become a victim of fraud – remember it is not your fault and you have nothing to be ashamed off. 

As soon as you can, you should report the incident to the Police or to ActionFraud on 0300 123 2040 or use ActionFraud's online reporting tool to help prevent someone else being scammed.

The websites of Independent Age   and AgeUK , as well as your local Police, provide informative guides to where you might encounter scams, how to spot and avoid being a victim of a scam or how to report a scam if it happens.





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